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Grade Appeals for Design Studios

If a student wishes to appeal a final grade for a design studio, they must read the School of Architecture and Design's Review Standards and Procedures for Failing Grades Appealed in Design Studio (below) and fill out the top of the School of Architecture and Design Grade Appeal Form. Return the form to the School of Architecture and Design office in Fletcher Hall, Room 129.

Review Standards and Procedures For Failing Grades Appealed in Design Studio

  1. At the time the review is requested, the student will be given a copy of these standards and  procedures, and will be requested to acknowledge receipt thereof by signing a statement to that  effect.
  2. The review must be requested before five (5) days of the beginning of the next semester.
  3. The Design Review Committee is convened for the purpose of evaluating the student's design studio work for a specific semester. It will not consider past performance, personalities, or disciplinary  matters.
  4. The Design Review Committee will provide the student and the studio instructor with its  professional evaluation of the student's design work for the entire semester. It will give an overall  pass or fail recommendation to the instructor of the course. It will not grade individual problems.
  5. A design review can be called by a student, studio instructor, or the Director.
  6. The Design Review Committee will be composed of the Director (or his appointed representative)  and at least two members of the faculty. The student's studio instructor shall not be eligible to serve  on the Design Review Committee.
  7. The Director will set the time and place for the review and notify the studio instructor and the  appointed committee members.
  8. The student has the right to select any one faculty member to serve on the Committee. However, it  shall be the student's responsibility to notify the Director of the selection and to contact the faculty  member selected and advise them of the time and place of the review.
  9. Students may serve on the Design Review Committee, but they must come from the 4th or 5th year  studios and they may not be students in the same studio section as the student whose work is being  evaluated. In all cases, students selected to serve on the Design Review Committee will be selected  by the Committee.
  10. The student may invite a witness to the proceedings. However, a written statement signed by the  student naming the witness and stating the student's desire to have the witness present must be  made to the Director at least 24 hours before the Committee convenes. The witness shall not openly  participate in the review. Under no circumstances will members of the student's immediate family  be permitted to be present.
  11. The only person allowed in the review session will be the student, instructor, Committee Members,  Director, and authorized witness.
  12. The student must have all of their design studio work for the semester available for review.
  13. The studio instructor will present the semester's program, explain the intent and requirements of  each problem, the grading system, and the problem weights.
  14. The student will explain and present their solution to each problem.
  15. At the end of the review, the student, studio instructor, and student's witness will be asked to leave  so that the Director and the Committee can discuss the merits of the student's work in private.
  16. The student and studio instructor will be advised immediately of the Design Review Committee's  recommendation. The Design Review Committee's recommendation shall not be binding upon the  student's studio instructor.
  17. There shall be no further review of the student's work at the school level. The student retains their  right to begin the university appeal process.
  18. It is the student's responsibility to contact the Director for the scheduled time of appeal. This request  must take place within two days of the appeal submitted.