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Studio Culture Policy

We in the School of Architecture and Design support a student-centered studio learning culture that is based on the following principles:

  • Students should lead balanced lives.
  • Time is more than a constantly endangered resource.
  • There is a world outside of the design studio.
  • Design is the integration of many parts.
  • Design process is as important as product.
  • Collaboration is the art of design.
  • Design is inherently an interdisciplinary act.
  • Even educators can learn.
  • The good of students must prevail.
  • Grades can impede productive assessment.
  • Critiques are learning experiences, not target practice.
  • To design for many, parts of all must be included.

Furthermore, the students and faculty support, encourage, and strive to foster a studio that engages a culture of optimism, a culture of respect, a culture of sharing, a culture of engagement, and a culture of innovation.

For more information from AIAS on how to develop and evolve a studio culture policy, visit their page, Toward an Evolution of Studio Culture.