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What can I do with an architecture degree?

Nearly half of all architecture majors go on to work as architects, and nearly all work in occupations that are closely related to architecture, from design to construction. In fact, only 15 percent of graduates go on to work in occupations that are unrelated to their college studies. Those that do go into other fields often work in sales (particularly real estate and insurance), engineering, or as teachers, school administrators, and other occupations within the education industry. Architecture majors work in just about every industry.

Skills You'll Develop

  • Communication skills: by clearly and accurately communicating complex ideas using visual, graphic, written or verbal means; encouraging open communication in the development of ideas; and presenting seminars and proposals.
  • Thinking and working creatively with strong research skills for effective problem solving.
  • Project management: by working within time constraints as well as regulatory and economic frameworks; formulating ideas and responding to programs or briefs; and synthesizing ideas, approaches and interpretation for each project.
  • Information technology skills.
  • Team skills: by working collaboratively with others and appreciating the impact of work on others.
  • Negotiating conflicting demands of function, aestheticism, technology and economy.
  • Many forms of expression including writing, model-making, drawing, photography, video, digital media, and verbal presentation.

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