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Community Design Workshop Celebrates Official Opening of their Design for the Quad

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette Community Design Workshop (CDW) with the School of Architecture and Design designed the Quadrangle renovation in 2010. Later classes helped with the working drawings and detailing until the Quad was completed May of 2015. The CDW worked with the Student Government Association, school administration, Bill Crist and the university’s Office of Facility Management, Architects Southwest, Begneaud Manufacturing, Viator and Associates, General Contractor Scott Hebert with Garden City Construction, and other consultants to develop and construct the finalized Quadrangle design. Students involved in the design of the Quad include Justin Aubert, Adam Breaux, Ashley Bell Davis, Trevor Ducote, Justin Frederick, Stephanie Graziano, Chance Gray, Todd St. Julien, Branden Leger, Alyssa Duck Leger, Jesus Navarro, Max Nochez, and Kelly Russ, Aaron Schaubhut.

The Quadrangle has been a central point on campus since the founding of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 1898. This long-awaited renovation features a more efficient layout, including a central fountain and plaza, as well as new walkways and landscaping. The central fountain features a large metal fleur-de-lis that was designed and fabricated in close consultation with Don Begneaud and his company Begneaud Manufacturing. New concrete sidewalks, designed and constructed in consultation with Architects Southwest, are inlayed with the traditional UL brick, tying it to the rest of the campus. The fountain and landscaping was designed and constructed in consultation with Ted Viator and his firm Viator and Associates. The design includes four live oaks, eight magnolia trees, Japanese maples, crape myrtles, and other trees and bushes selected and planted in consultation with Grounds Manager Mike Hess. Beginning the design in 2010, the redevelopment of the Quad is a vital step towards enhancing the pedestrian-friendly aspects of campus, including comfortable gathering places for students, faculty, and staff.

The Quad is framed by core buildings on campus including Maxim D. Doucet Hall, Stephens Memorial Hall, Broussard Hall, Lee Hall, O.K. Allen Hall, Moody Hall, F.G. Mouton Hall, and Foster Hall. The “Walk of Honor,” a walkway traveling throughout the University paved with the names of alumni, intersects the Quad. The Walk of Honor will eventually be extended beyond the Quad, in order to accommodate recent and future graduates.