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Student Seminar Series

Do you know someone who is really good at something that you want to know more about? Do you ever read an article on a design website and wish there was a venue for getting together and talking about it? Do you ever wonder about what it's like to intern at a design firm or go on study abroad, or about big things happening in your field?

The new student-run seminar series is intended to provide a time and a place to discuss the topics that interest you. The idea behind this seminar series is that design is worth talking about, and that between all of us, there are some serious skills in a diverse range of areas that are worth sharing.

To take a survey about which topics interest you, follow this link.

When will they happen?

For this first semester, we will try to schedule a seminar every Monday at 1pm, after morning studios. You are welcome to bring your lunch.

What will they cover?

The topics are your choice. A seminar could take the form of a Grasshopper tutorial, a demonstration of the best ways to make beautiful physical models, a talk about the purpose of a gesture or of sustainable design, a debate about a controversial design project that made the news, or whatever you like! We will be conducting a survey to see what the student body is most interested in talking about.

How will presenters be chosen?

If you know someone who you think would run an interesting seminar, please nominate them! We welcome nominations of other students, faculty, alumni, professionals, etc. If you have an idea for a seminar, or special skills or expertise you wouldn't mind sharing, let us know! Self-nominations are absolutely welcome. If someone is nominated to present a seminar, of course they are free to decline.

Running a seminar could look great on a resume. Being nominated to present means that the student body wants to learn from you! Nominating yourself shows that you volunteer to share your knowledge and skills with others.

How long will they be?

The seminars will be about an hour long, but how a presenter uses their time is their choice. Presenters do not have to talk for a whole hour! They could partner up with a friend, present for 15 mins each, and have a 15-30 min discussion afterwards. They could request that everyone bring their computers, and walk them through a program for the entire session. They could organize a brainstorming session, create a round-robin style multi-disciplinary group critique... the possibilities are endless!

Seminar Schedule

The schedule will be posted here and on the Student Seminar Series Facebook group page. Reminders about upcoming seminars will also be posted on the SOAD Facebook page and the @ulsoad Instagram.

Interest Survey

We have created a survey to gauge interest in several topics. Feel free to suggest topics outside of the ones listed. Once we have a list of the most popular topics, we will ask students to participate as presenters, and create a schedule.

Take the SRS Topic Survey Here!

First Meeting

The first seminar meeting will take place at 1pm on Monday, Aug 28, 2017 on the 2nd floor of Fletcher above shop. Students from any SOAD discipline and any level are invited. In this first meeting, we will discuss the survey results, brainstorm, and start to build the schedule of seminars for this semester.