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Professor Corey Saft Recently Interviewed on Radio Show "Out to Lunch"

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Our very own Professor Corey Saft was recently on "Out to Lunch," discussing property development in Acadiana. The following blurb is from the Out to Lunch webpage:

"The Independent and Abiz publisher Cherry Fisher May sits in for Peter Ricchiuti on this edition of Out to Lunch Acadiana. Cherry kicks off by noting the old adage in property development is “Land is valuable because they’re not making any more of it,” whereas in reality, in the United States there’s around 80,000 square miles per person. But, for whatever reason, most of us don’t want our own 80,000 square miles. We want to live near other people. And close to a Walgreens. Which makes certain pieces of land desirable, and others not.  Which brings us to the three golden rules of property, 'Location, location, and location.'"

"Although Acadiana is steeped in tradition – even in property development - times are changing. Part of that change is being brought about by UL Lafayette Professor of Architecture, and ground breaking architect, Corey Saft. Corey is the designer of the Lebois House, an eco-friendly home that generates its own electricity and uses almost zero power from the grid. From right here in Acadiana, Corey is designing the future."

Listen here.